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Sequenced storyboard for WSD
Storyboards for WSD | Client: Uncanny
Sequenced storyboard for 'Scherven'
Storyboards for animation film 'Scherven', a graphic novel adaptation | Client: Submarine
Concept art 'Cher Ami' 2016
Concept art for 'Cher Ami' a concert of the band Yuko with 3 animation shorts about animals in WW1| Client: De Commerce. Check more info here: Cher Ami
'Bugs' intro 2016
Sequenced storyboard for the intro of Bugs documentary. | Client: Submarine
Illustrations for 'Small Steps/Kleine Stappen'
Kleine stapen in een grote oorlog (NTR) | Client: Submarine
A four part interactive game/animation accounting several aspects of WWI for kids. Most illustrations were made in different layers so each element could be handled separately by the animators. You can find the different missions here:
'Last Hijack' (2014) storyboards
Part of the storyboard of an alternative end scene in 'Last Hijack'. | Client: Submarine

You can check the trailer at the movie site:

Illustrations for 'Hell Ships' (2012)
Illustrations for 'Hell Ships' (2012) | Client: Kees Maaswinkel | Lucas Productions

These are a selection of several layered illustrations that were used for a documentary about POW in the pacific during WWII.

'Last Hijack' (2014) storyboards
'Last hijack' opening scene storyboard. | Client: Submarine

An early stage storyboard of the opening scene. You can see bits of the final animated scene in the trailer. Check it here.